Jewel Charm

Design royal jewelry to complete the Princess's dream wedding!




The Princess had finally found her Prince, and a royal wedding was at hand. But the night before the big day, a fearsome dragon stole the Crown Jewels. The beast was hurt by the King's knights and the damaged Crown Jewels were scattered over the Kingdom.


You have been chosen by the King to restore the jewelry, so that the Princess's dream may be fulfilled.


Create beautiful jewelry, prove your design skills in royal contests and become the greatest jeweler of all time as you make your way through the Kingdom of Charmalot.


Accompanied by Fiona the fairy, you will discover hidden mini-games, fight dragons and thieves and learn to master magic tools.


Be charmed by this lovely fairy tale!


  • Design jewelry for the Princess’s wedding
  • Lots of beautiful and relaxing puzzles
  • Charming fairy tale story
  • Gorgeous graphics and visual effects
  • Fight dragons and other enemies
  • Prove your skills in jewelry competitions
  • Enjoy clever mini-games
  • Master magic tools
  • Three challenging gaming modes
  • High scores and much more…



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