Bubble Bust! Blitz - How to Play

Bubble Bust! Blitz is an endless bubble shooter where the goal is to get a score as high as possible.

Game Controls

How to shoot

Simply tap a marble, or an empty spot close to it, to fire a marble towards that spot.

Clear Marbles

Clear the marbles by making groups of the same color. Groups of three or more marbles of the same color will fall down.

Glowing Line

If the marbles cross the glowing line at the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

Chain Bonus

Pop groups of marbles in quick succession and gain an increasing bonus score for each popped group.


You can tap the next marble to swap it with your current marble.

Fast Forward

Use the Fast Forward button to move the entire marble field down. But don't worry, it won't hit the glowing line.

Bank Shot

Use the sides to bounce marbles to hard-to-reach places. If a bank shots leads to a pop or drop of marbles, you get a Bank Shot bonus.

Power Aim

If you have any Power Aim tokens, one will be consumed each time you start a round and give you the ability to hold down and see a helpful aiming line. Tap the Power Aim button in the main menu to get more tokens when you've run out.

Flying Bomb

The powerful Flying Bomb is a great power-up for clearing marbles and removing obstacles. Tap the button in-game to swap out your current marble to a Flying Bomb. Get more Flying Bombs from the button in the main menu.


When hitting the glowing line you have the ability to continue playing with the help of the Revive.


The Leaderboard shows your score and position compared to other players around the world. Choose to show Alltime, 30 days or 7 days and World or Country.

Good Game Elements

Star Bubble

Collect the Star Bubbles before they disappear and get a huge bonus score.

Flying Bomb

Tap at any empty spot in the marble field and this mighty bomb will fly there.

Steel Ball

The Steel Ball demolishes almost everything in its way.


Tap anywhere in the marble field, as long as there's a free path the exploding Fireball will find its way there.


This powerful Bomb will cause an explosion when it hits something, destroying marbles around it.

Rainbow Marble

The Rainbow Marble can connect to marbles of any color to form groups.

Ghost Marble

A Ghost Marble will only collide with marble groups of the same color and fly through everything else.

Color Mine

If you hit a Color Mine, all visible marbles of its color will pop.

Lightning Orb

Hit a Lightning Orb and lightning bolts will help you clear the marble field

Fire in the Hole

A marble shot through a Fire in the Hole will transform into an exploding projectile.


Teleporters come in pairs. Shoot a marble in one Teleporter and it will appear in the other. If the teleport leads to a pop or drop of marbles, you get a Teleport Shot bonus.

x2 Multiplier

Shoot a marble through an x2 Multiplier to double the generated score.

x3 Multiplier

Shoot a marble through an x3 Multiplier to triple the generated score.

Color Bubble

A Color Bubble will change the color of any marble you shoot through it.

Bad Game Elements

Wooden Block

Wooden Blocks can be dropped or destroyed with bombs or more powerful items.

Brick Block

Brick Blocks can be dropped or destroyed with steel balls and flying bombs.

Ice Block

Destroy an Ice Block by hitting it three times.

Fire Bubble

Shoot the meteorites dropped by the Fire Bubble before they reach the glowing line. Hit the bubble and it disappears.

Fire Obstacle

The Fire Obstacle will spread if you hit it. Remove it by dropping it.

Marble Mine

If you hit a Marble Mine the whole marble field will move down. Drop it to get rid of it.


If you hit a Skull the marble field take a big leap down. Drop it to get rid of it.


Badges gives you a score bonus at the end of the round.

On a Roll

Pop 15 groups of marbles in a row.


Get the Bank Shot Bonus 25 times.

You're on Fire

Max out Combo 10 times.

Sharp Shooter

Pop 200 marbles within 30 seconds.

Living in a Bubble

Play for 10 minutes.

Tips & Tricks

There are two main ways of scoring a lot of points in the game; popping and dropping a large amount of marbles at the same time or by popping smallar groups fast, giving you a Chain Bonus for each popped group.


When using a Power-up such as the Flying Bomb or Steel Ball try using Fast Forward first, maximizing the number of marbles the Power-up could affect.

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Bubble Bust! Blitz

How to Play